About Turistik

TURISTIK began operations on October 30, 2007, introducing for the first time in Santiago Chile the innovative circuit Hop on / Hop formed by a fleet of double deck red buses and a sales office located in the Parque Arauco Mall. Since then, the company has opened four new sales & information offices -located at Patio Bellavista, Mercado Central de Santiago, Paseo Los Domínicos and Sheraton Hotel- and added the operation of vans and buses in order to cover the different excursions that company offers around the central area of Chile.

During this period, the company has serviced more than 100,000 tourists and has received important awards, such as the Tourism Merit Award in the Business Category, awarded by the National Tourism Service of Chile in September 2009, and the distinction of the Diario Estrategia) as one of the most innovative companies of the year 2007.


We are a tour & entertainment operator focused on providing attractive alternatives for culture, leisure and entertainment in Santiago de Chile and its surroundings, through a secure, reliable and high quality transport service.


We work as a business whose continuous innovation and commitment at all levels to do things correctly, will result in better products for our clients; in the best place to work within the industry for our employees; in a contribution to the communities  that we are embedded in, and in a profitable business for our partners.


The team of TURISTIK is moved by SERVICE. In every single action of us, must be noticed : Safeness (S), Enthusiasm (E),  Respect (R), la Will (V), Initiative (I), Commitment (C), Information (I) and Organization(O).