Terms and Conditions

By reserving and/or purchasing the services offered through the Turistik Website (the “website” or “site”) – www.turistik.cl – you (the “user”) will be deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions.

In purchasing Travel Packages and Services through our website – www.turistik.cl – you have shown your acceptance of and are bound by the terms and conditions appearing on this web page, and all of the applicable laws and regulations of Chile’s legislation.
Please review this web page regularly. If you infringe the conditions presented in this Terms and Conditions document for fraudulent or criminal purposes attributable to you, Viajes Turistik can cancel the services booked, and reserves the right to take legal action as necessary.
This website’s content and software are the property of Turistik and/or of its service providers (“suppliers”), and is protected under Chile’s copyright laws and international copyright treaties.

The sale of tourism services for events is regulated by law. Personal and financial information can be requested for interaction in some website processes. If you submit this data, you and you alone are responsible for its accuracy. If it turns out that this information is not accurate, you must assume all responsibility and liability with whomever it may concern.

While Turistik strives to protect your personal information, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure. Accordingly, you can, if you prefer, acquire your tourism services at our authorized points of sale, located at the addresses shown in this website.

Before purchasing your tourism service, please carefully review all pertinent information at the website, including: destination(s), date(s), time schedule(s), the locations involved, quantity(ies), etc.
• On its website, Turistik provides a complete description of each service being offered, the applicable conditions, and price(s).
• All of the services can be reserved on-line, allowing you to make your choices immediately with a computer or a smartphone, and an Internet connection.
• Each purchase is subject to credit card approval and verification of the associated bank data.
• For your purchase, you will receive a Voucher – a written record of your purchase – in PDF form (posted on the Website), which you can print-out for immediate use. This voucher has no extra cost.
• Changes, returns or refunds are not permitted, unless so stated by the service in accordance with its policies.

The website and its content are protected by intellectual property rights and by technological tools to maximize security as much as possible for you, the user. Nevertheless, Turistik cannot assure that third parties acting in bad faith will not be able to damage or infect the site, or redirect you to websites, products, services or actions outside the company’s business area and cause harm to you.

You and you alone are responsible for the password you register with this website, and must treat such information as confidential. The password allows you to make purchases, request services, book reservations, and obtain information. This password is for your personal use and its disclosure to any third party can in no way involve Turistik, or the companies mentioned in the website, particularly in the case of improper usage.

Voluntary Refunding.
Once you make a purchase through this website, you, the user/consumer, cannot withdraw or cancel the purchase. Nevertheless, you can request a refund or a change that can be accepted at the supplier’s discretion, provided that no airline or tour operator restrictions apply. To request a refund for, or a change in, any service purchased at this website, you must proceed to an associated physical store or establishment and present your voucher and payment receipt for the purchased service. If, for whatever reason, you do not have either of these two documents, you must contact a service agent at the following telephone number: +56 2 2820 1000.

In compliance with Chile’s personal data protection and privacy laws, Turistik guarantees the confidentiality of your personal information obtained via this website. This collected data will not be sold to another entity unless Turistik is required to provide the information to a service supplier to enable your reservation to be registered as “confirmed” – authorization you, the customer, have granted when using this site to make your purchase, notwithstanding your right as a consumer to request the suspension of this authorization, in accordance with Article 28B, of Law Number 19.496 (Chile’s Consumer Protection Act).
The data transferred between the computer you use and Turistik’s Website server are protected by SSL encryption technology to guarantee secure transactions and complete confidentiality.

The promotions that are offered on this website are not necessarily the same as those that are offered through the other sales channels used by the company, such as the physical stores and catalogues, unless expressly stated on the website or in the company’s advertising for the promotions.

Viajes Turistik reserves the right to modify any information – including that related to services, prices, availability of seating or occupancy, and conditions – contained in this website, at any time and without advance notice, by making the new terms public on the site. All such modifications will enter into effect 36 hours after their publication. If you have purchased a service and choose not to accept the new terms, you must request the cancelation of the service via an email letter sent directly to Turistik (contacto@turistik.cl) within the 24-hour period following the time the modifications were published, in which case the contractual bonds will be dissolved. Once that time period has expired, you are considered to have accepted the new terms, and any contract remains legally binding for you and the service provider.