Parada 10: Providencia

Domingo de 9:30 AM às 2:00 PM a Parada estará em Av. Nueva Providencia na Av. Lyon.

The history of Providencia dates back to 1897 and is directly related to the sisters of the Divine Providence who arrived to Chile from Canada in 1853. The amusing part is that their landing here was due to the fact that their original destination which was Oregon in the U.S.A. was flooded, and not knowing how to return to their home country, they met the captain of a Chilean ship who brought them to this remote corner of the world. Providencia is an important area of the city’s commerce and gastronomy. In its surroundings you will find the Schacht Palace and the Providencia Cultural Center; the traditional Pedro de Valdivia and Ricardo Lyon avenues; and many fun shops, cafes, and restaurants. Pare na Calle Lota em frente a #2257