A mix of tradition and flavors in an exquisite chicken or beef broth.

The cazuela is a typical dish in Chilean gastronomy and receives its name from the type of container in which it is cooked, which is commonly a low pot with a glazed interior that retains heat. 

In Chile, this recipe has beef or chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, carrots and sometimes rice is also added. It is a hearty dish with exquisite flavor, ideal for a cold day. 

A little history.. 

According to several historical studies, the casserole is originally from the central area of ​​Chile, and dates back to the time of the Spanish conquest, and the mixture of its ingredients is due to this. Which considers native foods from Chilean lands, such as potatoes, pumpkin and beef, and on the Spanish side, ingredients such as wheat and various spices. This is a slow cooking dish and its perfect mix of flavors represents part of our history and cultural mix. 

Where do I find the best casserole?

In any restaurant or Chilean food establishment you will find a delicious chicken or beef casserole, depending on your preference. Here we leave you three ideas to visit and enjoy this national dish. 

Torres Confectionery: Although the original headquarters in Santiago is closed, its branch located in Isidora Goyenechea offers you incredible Chilean flavors such as the exquisite chicken casserole that arrives in a Pomaire clay booklet and with plenty of steaming broth. You can order it for $7.800. his direction is: Isidora Goyenechea 2962 Santiago, Las Condes. 

The Mischievous Girl: It is a snack (typical Chilean restaurant at a convenient price and good quantity) located in the Tirso de Molina Market. One of the classics of this place is the beef casserole, which is accompanied by kneaded bread, pebre and salad for a sum close to $4.000 pesos. His direction is: Av Santa María 409, Recoleta. 

The Picá of the Casseroles: It is a small place that does not attract attention from the outside, but inside it is always full of people who enjoy Chilean food. Its menu is 100% national and the beef casserole is its star dish. It is located in Father Alonso de Ovalle 1535, Santiago.


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