Plaza de Armas of Santiago

The iconic square is located in the heart of Santiago and surrounded by historic buildings of the capital.

It is a must-see in the old town, dating from the time of the Spanish Conquest and which has been modernized over time, but maintaining its essence.

A little history…

A curiosity is that this type of main square exists throughout Chile, due to the fact that when the Spanish established cities they always used that point as the axis of the gridded plans and many times it was where the water source was located from which the electricity was supplied. community. Historically, these squares were used for civic ceremonies and festive activities.

After Independence, the square was renamed from Plaza Mayor to Plaza de la Independencia, a name that failed to be recognized in the population and changed again to the name it bears today: "Plaza de Armas de Santiago".

In 1840, the association of a square with a garden was introduced for the first time and a first attempt at embellishment appeared with the construction of a circular garden with a trellis. In 1870, the Chilean plaza model with seats, trees and grass areas was already configured. Subsequently, the odeon was built, with which parades and music were added to the activities in the square.
In 1999, the square underwent a complete remodeling due to the construction of a new Santiago metro station, recovering its pedestrian quality. And in 2014, the last maintenance was done that included 40% more green areas, today the square has a wooded nucleus that has 125 species of trees.

What to see in the Plaza de Armas?

The square has many attractions such as the monument to Pedro de Valdivia, monument to the original peoples, statue of the Apostle Santiago. Do not forget to look at the floor of the square, since it is home to the Kilometer Zero plaque and the plaque commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul II. There are also historical plans of the city of Santiago and the act of the construction of the Cathedral.

In its surroundings, you will be able to see the four historical buildings that surround it; the Municipality of Santiago, the Royal Court Palace and National Historical Museum, the Santiago Central Post Office building, and in front, the Metropolitan Cathedral.

You can get there on our Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus getting off at the Plaza de Armas stop or you can also get off at the Plaza de Armas Station of the Santiago Metro (line 5).

Entry: Free.

Location: downtown santiago 


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