The traditional neighborhoods of Santiago do not go out of style and stand out for their architecture, gastronomy and bohemian life. Each has his own style.

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Civic Quarter | Guide

Santiago Civic Quarter

If you get off at the "Plaza de la Constitución" stop of the...

El Golf neighborhood - Turistik
El Golf NeighborhoodGuide

El Golf Neighborhood

An area that combines modern buildings with a pleasant residential neighborhood.

Italy neighborhood - Turistik
antique dealerspubs

Italy neighborhood

Known for its wide gastronomic offer, especially when we talk…

Concha y Toro neighborhood - Turistik
Concha y Toro neighborhoodGuide

Concha y Toro neighborhood

A charming corner of Santiago that will remind you of the streets of Europe.

Fine Arts Neighborhood - Turistik
Lastarria neighborhoodGuide

Fine Arts Neighborhood

Cultural and gastronomic nucleus, where important…

Yungay neighborhood - Turistik
Bellavista neighborhoodGuide

Yungay neighborhood

An area steeped in history and architecture, ideal for walking, having a coffee...

Paris London neighborhood - Turistik
Bellavista neighborhoodLastarria neighborhood

neighborhood paris london

In the heart of Santiago, you will find this neighborhood with European airs and a great…

Lastarria neighborhood - Turistik
Bellavista neighborhoodGuide

Lastarria neighborhood

A classic that you cannot miss, Lastarria is history, art, architecture, flavors...

Bellavista neighborhood - Turistik
Lastarria neighborhoodGuide

Bellavista neighborhood

Bohemian, entertaining and with nightlife. If you are in Santiago you must visit it and…

Hop On Hop Off Stop: Funicular

This Hop On Hop Off stop connects you to…

Hop On Hop Off Stop: Saint Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucía has been one of the points…

Hop On Hop Off Stop: Isidora Goyenechea

This stop is in the heart of Barrio El Golf,…

Hop On Hop Off Stop: Constitution Square

The Plaza de la Constitución is the prelude to the Palace…

Alonso de Córdova - Turistik
Big shopsGuide
Alonso de Cordova

A street that mixes luxury shops with haute cuisine and trendy bars.

Winery Italy - Turistik
winery italy

Cozy shopping center with incredible clothing, design and literature stores.

Apumanque - Turistik

The first shopping center in the country, with small shops that will surprise you.

Small town Los Dominicos - Turistik
Artlocal crafts
Dominican town

If you are looking for local and typical Chilean crafts, mixed with a picturesque experience…

Municipal Theater Facade
St. LuciaSantiago
Municipal Theater of Santiago

Municipal Theater of Santiago The main cultural center of…

National Library of Santiago - Turistik
National Library of Santiago

One of the most complete libraries in Latin America, with more than 3,500,000 items...

Government Palace La Moneda - Turistik
GuideHop On Hop Off
Government Palace La Moneda

Seat of the Chilean government presidency and the best representative of the neoclassical style…

Main Square of Santiago - Turistik
Plaza de Armas of Santiago

Located in the heart of Santiago and surrounded by historic buildings of the capital.

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Humitas - Turistik
Typical foodGuide

During the summer, it becomes one of the favorite foods of the…

Complete Chilean - Turistik
Chilean 'Complete'

The 'hot dog' in Chile was personalized with its own identity, which makes it a…

Chorrillana - Turistik

A bomb of Chilean flavor that you must try together with a good beer.

Casserole - Turistik

A mixture of tradition and flavors in an exquisite chicken or meat broth...

Family Park - Turistik
Park of the family

An artificial lagoon, viewpoints, trails and different attractions...

Los Reyes Park - Turistik
Kings Park

Green areas, skatepark, multipurpose courts and much more you will find...

Cerro Santa Lucía - Turistik
Fine artsClosed
Santa Lucia Hill

A historical and cultural icon of the capital that you cannot miss.

Sculpture Park - Turistik
P. of the Sculptures

An open-air museum where more than 30 works by important artists are exhibited…

Bar Seven Negronis
pubsauthor cocktails
Bar Seven Negronis

If you enjoy good cocktails, you cannot stop…

Dance Clubs - Turistik
dance clubs

Going out dancing is a way of getting to know the city's nightlife.

Karaoke - Turistik

Enjoy entertaining karaoke clubs and feel like a real artist.

Salsotecas - Turistik

If you want to live a different night, we invite you to visit a salsoteca….

Chamantos Doñihue - Turistik
local craftsGuide
Chamantos Doñihue

A typical Chilean fabric garment that will surprise you with its versatility...

Chilean Pisco - Turistik
Chilean Pisco

Take a pisco with you to recreate typical Chilean cocktails such as the pisco sour.

Quinchamali Art - Turistik
Quinchamali Art

Unique and original clay crafts made by hand by artisans from the south of Chile.

Pomaire clay - Turistik
Pomaire clay

Bowls, planters, wells and the classic piggy banks in the shape of...