Santiago Civic Quarter

One of the most visited neighborhoods in the capital, located in the heart of Santiago, a must-see that includes important buildings such as the Palacio de La Moneda.

If you get off at the stopConstitution Plaza” of the tourist bus Hop On Hop Off, you can tour this incredible neighborhood, which mostly concentrates government buildings, such as the National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government House, La Moneda Cultural Center, among others.

In the main axis you will find the Plaza de la Constitución, the La Moneda Palace, Plaza de la Ciudadanía, the wide pedestrian promenade "Paseo Bulnes" and ends with Parque Almagro.

ORA little history of the Civic Quarter. 

It was created during the government of Arturo Alessandri and devised by the Austrian architect Karl Brunner in the 1930s, with the aim of creating a public square surrounded by the buildings of public institutions. 

A curiosity is that around the Plaza Constitución the buildings have the same height, with around 12 floors on average, which makes everything look homogeneous and orderly, with modern constructions. 

whatWhat to see in the Civic Quarter?

In this sector you can see emblematic places of Chile, such as the Palacio la Moneda, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been located since 2006 in the old and luxurious building of the former Hotel Carrera. 

The Plaza de la Ciudadanía stands out for being the front of the La Moneda Palace, it has statues of presidents Arturo Alessandri and Patricio Aylwin and an imposing Chilean flag. Under this same square is the La Moneda Cultural Center, a great option to visit the exhibitions that rotate by season. 

You can get to this classic neighborhood of Santiago by getting off at bus stop number 7 "Plaza Constitución" Hop On Hop Off from Turistik or at “La Moneda” Metro Station (line 1). 




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