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In the heart of Santiago, you will find this neighborhood with European airs and great architectural beauty.

Today, this is one of the most visited areas by national and foreign tourists, due to the great resemblance of its streets to European cities. Within it are the streets París and Londres, which give the neighborhood its name. One of its characteristics is its marked architectural style and its winding narrow cobblestone streets. It was designed by Ernesto Holzmann son and father.

A little history…

The land on which this neighborhood is built belonged to the Franciscan monks who, due to economic problems at the beginning of the 20th century, found themselves in need of selling it. This is how the authorities of the time acquired them and since 1920 they began the construction of various residential buildings for the more affluent class, a project that was called "Model Residential Block", commissioned to great European architects.

What to do in the Paris London neighborhood?

The first thing is to take a walk and enjoy the architectural beauty of its streets, take advantage of this perfect setting to take some pictures and have a coffee in one of the cafeterias in the sector such as the Café Barrios or L'incontro Café. 

Right at the intersection of Paris and London streets is the headquarters of the radical party and at 873 París Street, the headquarters of the Chilean Socialist Party.

The easiest way to get there is getting off at the Santa Lucía stop of our Hop On Hop Off Tourist Bus (Santiago Centro Route) or getting off at the Santa Lucía Station of the Santiago Metro (Line 1)

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