Yungay neighborhood

An area steeped in history and architecture, ideal for strolling, having a coffee and getting to know classics such as the Santiago Library.

It is a traditional residential neighborhood, which shows its own characteristics in the face of the advance of modernity that other neighborhoods of the city manifest.

Its name is due to the victory of the Restoring United Army in the battle of Yungay, in 1839, in the War against the Confederation of Peru-Bolivia. Its main landmark is the homonymous square, where you can find the famous Monument to the "Roto Chileno", by the sculptor Virginio Arias, which is a tribute to the Chilean of the town.

Today it is the neighborhood where the President of the Republic of Chile resides, during the period 2022-2026, Gabriel Boric.

A little history…

During the first half of the 19th century, the sector corresponded to rural land belonging to José Santiago Portales y Larraín, father of Minister Diego Portales, known as the "Llanito de Portales". In 1835 José Portales died, for which the inheritance was divided among his 16 heir children.

After the Battle of Yungay, as a celebration on April 5, 1839, President José Joaquín Prieto issued the Founding Decree of the neighborhood that honors the triumph of Chile.

In 1940 two phenomena occurred that marked an absolute change in the inhabitants of the city. Subdivisions began in the Providencia commune and the Military School was moved to a property on the San Luis farm, in the current Las Condes commune. These milestones mark the beginning of the expansion of the upper class of Santiago towards the east.

What to do in the Yungay neighborhood?

The Residence of President Gabriel Boric It is one of the current attractions of the neighborhood, it was designed by the prominent architect Andrés Garafulic in 1929, who was also the first owner of the 432-meter-built house.

If you want to visit places with architecture and history, this is the place! It has safety pins like the Santiago Library, Casa Chilota, the Espacio Górgola Cultural Center and the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, among many other attractions that you will find while walking through its streets.

If you want to go to a delicious neighborhood cafeteria, don't miss Café Yungay and Café Cité, both in the heart of the sector.

To get to this neighborhood, you can get off at the República or Unión Latinoamericana station on Line 1 of the Santiago Metro. You can also walk from the Plaza de la Constitución stop of our Hop On Hop Off Tourist Bus, it is a 25-minute walk and touring the Center of Santiago.

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