Hop On Hop Off Stop: Bicentennial Park

A green lung in the middle of the modern city

This beautiful park is located in the Vitacura commune, being the largest green space in this sector, which extends along the southern bank of the Mapocho River.

It was designed by the architect and landscaper Teodoro Fernández and has different landscapes throughout its 27 hectares. Which include spaces for games, statues, sectors for sports, lagoons and much more.

What to see in Bicentennial Park?

The best thing to do is walk along its paths and visit its two lagoons, where black-necked swans, flamingos, herons and fish coexist.

The park has an amphitheater where musicals, plays and other shows are performed, and an exclusive international restaurant called Mestizo, located next to this bus stop. Hop On Hop Off.

A few steps away, you will find the street Alonso de Cordova, known for its luxury brand stores, national design and exclusive restaurants.

Bicentennial Park is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and take one of the best postcards, which mixes nature and architecture.


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