Hop On Hop Off Stop: Isidora Goyenechea

Modernity and gastronomy in a single neighborhood

This stop is in the heart of the El Golf Neighborhood, in the commune of Las Condes. It gets its name from the exclusive Los Leones Golf Club that is only a few blocks away.

If you go down to tour, you will be able to see that several of the mansions in the sector date from the mid-20th century and belonged to wealthy families of the time, such as the wealthy Isidora Goyenechea, the name given to the main street of this neighborhood.

Currently, it is a highly visited area where modern buildings, offices, restaurants and museums coexist, among others.

What to see at this stop?

around this stop Hop On Hop Off You will find outstanding national and international restaurants and cafes.

There are also attractions and entertainment such as Plaza Perú, Las Condes Municipal Theater and the Interactive Museum of Las Condes.
In the latter you will be able to travel in space and time through entertaining audiovisual productions in 3D format, an ideal panorama to enjoy with the family.


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