Chilean Pisco

Take a pisco with you to recreate typical Chilean cocktails such as pisco sour and piscola is always a good idea.

Pisco is brandy that comes from grapes, the result of vine distillation, which is produced in Chile and Peru.

In Chile it is one of the most popular drinks and with it they make classic preparations that you can try in any bar or restaurant, such as pisco sour (pisco with lemon juice) and piscola (pisco with Cola Cola).

A little history…

During the first half of the 18th century, the first Chilean pisco elaborations arose in the Elqui Valley, in the fourth Region. In this sector of northern Chile, the climate is ideal for the growth of the grapes that give rise to this famous concoction of our country.

Chilean pisco is distilled at around 70ºC and then hydrated with demineralized water to adjust the graduation to the desired one, with the most popular and consumed pisco being those between 35º and 40º.

Where to buy Chilean pisco?

In Chile, pisco is sold in all supermarkets and liquor stores. But if you want to bring a more special souvenir, we recommend the Pisco Capel Moai, which is 100% from muscatel pisco grapes and aged in American oak, its novelty is that it comes in a Moai-shaped bottle (Easter Island statues), which makes it a perfect product to take as a souvenir or gift.

A bottle of pisco varies between $4,000 (4.70 USD) and $18,000 pesos (21 USD) and you can find Pisco Capel Moai from $15,000 pesos (17.70 USD).


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