lapis lazuli

It is a gem with a characteristic blue color and highly appreciated in jewelry.

Its name comes from the composition of the Latin "lapis" and the Persian "lazhward" which mean blue. Lapis lazuli is a decorative rock, with which figures can be carved and cabochons made for jewelry.

In many cultures lapis lazuli gems symbolized royalty and great wealth. They also say that it is a stone that helps to release stress and brings peace who takes it

In Chile it is very common to see jewelry and accessories made of this beautiful material.

A little history…

This material was probably discovered in prehistoric times in America by the Diaguitas and other pre-Columbian cultures. This theory is confirmed since in 1921 an arrowhead-shaped stone built in lapis lazuli was discovered near the site.

Did you know that Chile is the only industrial source of lapis lazuli in the world? That's right, it is the Las Flores Mine located in Los Andes. The idea of industrially exploiting the lapis lazuli deposit in Chile materialized in 1989, when Herman Warmbold decided to buy the Las Flores de Los Andes mine. Before that, the extraction in Chile was quite traditional. Currently, about 400 tons of ore are extracted per year, most of which is sold to the foreign market.

Where to buy lapis lazuli accessories?

You will find it in different craft fairs and specialized stores. The diversity of accessories and souvenirs that are made with this raw material is enormous, ranging from earrings, bracelets and necklaces, to pencils, corks, key rings and ornaments with lapis lazuli applications, ideal for taking as a gift.

Some stores where you can find these accessories are: Lapis lazuli ( and in Blue Stone (

you can find prices from $20,000 Chilean pesos (25 dollars).


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