A bomb of Chilean flavor that you must try together with a good beer.

Chorrillana is a traditional recipe of Chilean cuisine and consists of a plate of exquisite French fries and on them go different types of meat, onion and fried egg. 

A little history…

There are different versions about its origin, one theory is that it was born in the Battle of Chorrillos during the War of the Pacific (1879-1884), another version is that its name is derived from chorizo, which is sliced on the plate.

The most accepted theory is that its origin dates back to 1970 in a casino for non-commissioned officers of the police in Valparaíso called J. Cruz, when its owner asked that a snack plate be created for young people who went to drink alcohol at the premises. The objective was to have a hearty but cheap dish and they thought of a kind of steak a la pobre but to share.

The dish spread throughout the population, becoming a classic to share among Aryans in soda fountains and restaurants in the country. And the August 13 is the Day of the Chorrillana, day in which several restaurants make offers and invite customers to eat this typical food.

Where do I find the best chorrillana?

In Chile it is very easy to find restaurants that offer this typical dish to share on their menu. Some of the most prominent are:

The Chorrillana Palace: Located in the heart of the Bellavista neighborhood, this two-story restaurant plus a terrace offers you more than ten varieties of chorrillana. His direction is Pio Nono 201, Providencia. More information on your instagram account.

Victorino: If you are walking through the Lastarria neighborhood, you can take a break and eat in this place that is characterized by its abundant chorrillanas and innovative ingredients such as shrimp, pippin and even octopus. you find it in Jose Victorino Lastarria 138, Santiago. More information in

J. Cruz of Valparaiso: If you want to go to the source of origin of this incredible Chilean flavor, you can go to this famous place in the Fifth Region located in Condell 1466, Valparaiso. More information in:


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