Italian steak

It is the favorite Chilean sandwich and here we recommend some of the best places to try it.

This perfect combination of flavors and texture in a classic Chilean sandwich that contains a juicy churrasco (very thinly sliced meat, usually beef), accompanied by avocado, tomato and mayonnaise. It is an emblem of national sangucherías and you will probably find it in any corner of the country.

A little history…

As the story goes, its origin dates back to the year 1900 when this sandwich arrived in Chile by the Leangle family, who came from Germany and Switzerland, and who, to remember their hometowns, inserted European ingredients, including churrasco. In the 1930s, they set up a store in the center of Santiago, which was the forerunner of the Swiss fountain, which is currently an emblematic symbol of this type of food.
Regarding the origin of the word churrasco, one of the theories is that it comes from the sound that the churrasco makes while it is roasting and makes “chhhhh”.

It is Italian churrasco owes its name simply to the colors of its ingredients that resemble the Italian flag, red for the tomato, green for the avocado and white for the homemade mayonnaise. This is the perfect combination that has become a Chilean favorite.

Where do I find the best Italian steak?

Two classics that you cannot miss for their homemade and Chilean flavor are:

Swiss Source: A place of tradition and quality, which has been feeding Chileans since 1954, it was the first soda fountain to start selling these products in the country and today it continues to be one of the most popular for maintaining its flavor and abundance in the dishes. You find it in: Irarrázaval 3361, Ñuñoa.

More information in: Swiss Source 

Mordecai Source: Another family business that is known for selling one of the best sandwiches in Chile, as well as excellent service. you can find it in Libertad 551, Santiago (Barrio Yungay), Bilbao 2639, Providencia and Roger de Flor 2894, Las Condes. 

More information in: Dock Sea Fountain



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