Peach and barley drink

Sweet, refreshing and different. You have to try it during your stay in Chile!

It is a popular Chilean drink that is consumed mainly in the Chilean National Holidays (September) and during the spring and summer season for its refreshing flavor.

It is a sweet juice that contains mote and huesillos (dried and cooked peaches) with a touch of chancaca and spices. Ideal for a hot summer afternoon!

A little history…

This well-known national drink has its origin in the times of the Conquest, when the Spanish brought wheat to the American continent and the indigenous peoples used it as flour or mote, which is the grain of cooked and peeled corn.

In this way, they began to add huesillos or dried and cooked peaches, forming a caramelized juice with cinnamon, orange or cloves and from this mixture the traditional Chilean nickname with huesillo was born, which is enjoyed to this day.

Where do I find the best nickname with huesillo?

Undoubtedly the best nickname with huesillo is that of San Cristobal Hill, Getting to the top and enjoying the view while having a refreshing mote con huesillo is a classic in Santiago de Chile. You can find it in most stalls located in the Cumbre and Terraza Bellavista sector. Which you can get to by Cable Car or Panoramic Buses.

Location: San Cristóbal Hill Summit

Schedule: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m..


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