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A classic of September 18 and an incomparable flavor. Get to know the 3 best places to eat empanada in Santiago.

The empanada de pino is a classic of Chilean cuisine, it is not only eaten during the National Holidays, but it is very common for families to eat it on the weekend or for different celebrations. In fact, there are thousands of restaurants and food stores selling this classic national delicacy on a daily basis.

A little history…

The origins of the empanada go back to the ancient Greeks and Moors, the latter brought the recipe to Spain, who would end up transferring it to Latin America. But the filling of the empanada de pino is a national creation.

The Mapuches called the mixture of minced meat and onion "pirru" which is used as filler; hence the word “pine”.

In 1540 Inés de Suárez was the first to prepare a Chilean empanada. The story goes that a group of Spaniards camped on the other side of the Mapocho, in a place called "La Chimba", which today corresponds to Cerro Blanco. It is said that Doña Inés took the ingredients she had on hand and cooked the first Chilean pine empanadas.

Where do I find the best empanadas de pino?

Every year in Chile a ranking of the best empanadas is made, in the framework of the preparation for the National Holidays, which are celebrated on September 18, in commemoration of the Independence of Chile and the First Government Meeting held in 1818.

Below we leave you the first three places of the best empanadas 2021, chosen by the Circle of Gastronomic Chroniclers of Chile:

1° La Nonna Kneading: For the second year in a row, she was the winner of the best empanada de pino. You can find it at calle Palmas de Mallorca 156, La Reina. To see more information, Click Here / 

2nd Paula A: This empanadas and homemade dishes factory took second place. You can find the premises at Los Militares 6946, Las Condes.

3rd Ña Matea: The exquisite empanadas in this shop are just a step away from Parque Metropolitano (Parque Funicular Station Hop On Hop Off Turistik) and are the best in the sector. You can find them at Purísima 175, Recoleta. To see more information, Click Here 


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