Bellavista neighborhood

Bohemian, entertaining and with nightlife. If you are in Santiago you must visit it and soak up the spirit of this neighborhood.

Barrio Bellavista is a neighborhood of Santiago, located between the Mapocho River and Cerro San Cristóbal. It is located in the communes of Providencia to the east and Recoleta to the west. Here the history of the city is combined with urban development, a place where heritage is preserved, and coexists at the same time with different services that make the Bellavista neighborhood an attractive place to carry out the most diverse activities.

A little history…

In its beginnings, the Bellavista neighborhood was part of the sector called "The Chimba", word of Quechua origin that refers to its location on the other side of the Mapocho River. This neighborhood functioned as a place where the advances of the Spanish conquest could not reach, and where indigenous communities, artisans, and more incipiently some industries originally settled. This is how the character and identity of a neighborhood was formed that until today welcomes artists, migrants and all those who feel attracted by its heterogeneity and openness to cultural life.

What to do in the Bellavista neighborhood?

It is a neighborhood marked by the art, culture, and bohemian life. If you are walking around here, one of the must-sees is the Bellavista Courtyard, a place with various bars and restaurants, which are mixed with music and commerce. In this neighborhood is the entrance to the Metropolitan Park, a green lung of more than 700 hectares with different attractions such as the Santiago Cable Car, where you can enjoy the best view of the city from above. If you are a fan of urban art, the Bellavista murals They will surprise you with their colors, stories and magic. Within the neighborhood you can find 25 different murals that brighten the streets of Santiago and are the ideal spot to take a selfie of your trip through Chile.

The easiest way to get there is on our Hop On Hop Off tourist bus at Funicular Parque Metropolitano stop, if you are in Parquemet you can get down to the Pío Nono Station on ecological buses or you can also get there on the Santiago Metro, Baquedano Station (Line 1).


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