Fine Arts Neighborhood

Cultural and gastronomic center, where important theaters and museums are mixed, with cafes and restaurants.

This neighborhood owes its name to the National Museum of Fine Arts and is located between Cerro Santa Lucía and Parque Forestal, the epicenter of a large part of the country's artistic manifestations.

A little history…

This neighborhood is one of the most recognized in Santiago, its name is due to the fact that the museum of the same name is located there, since September 21, 1910. For the inauguration, a great international exhibition was organized that included works of art from fourteen invited countries.

The history of this sector goes back to the beginnings of the colony, but with the remodeling of the Santa Lucía hill,the creation of the Parque Forestal, and the construction of the Palacio Bellas Artes, the neighborhood gained its greatest splendor and became a sector required by illustrious national figures such as Victoria Subercaseaux, wife of the mayor of Santiago, Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna and Pedro Aguirre Cerda, president of Chile between 1938 and 1941.

This sector has many tourist attractions, which are mixed with cultural and outdoor panoramas.

What to do in Fine Arts?

The neighborhood has various possibilities for outdoor activities in its streets and in its theaters, bars, etc. Walk the Forest Park is one of the must-sees of the neighborhood, following this path you will find the imposing and beautiful National Museum of Fine Arts, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

There are also various restaurants, cafes, shops, bookstores and accommodation. Near the Bellas Artes Metro Station (Line 5) you will find large and colorful murals that bring life to the street.

If you take the Hop-On Hop-Off you have several options to walk to this neighborhood, you can do it from the Santa Lucía, Plaza de Armas or Bellavista stops, in all of them you have entertaining streets to explore and get to know the capital.

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