Concha y Toro neighborhood

A charming corner of Santiago that will remind you of the streets of Europe.

This neighborhood arises within the Barrio Brasil, where beautiful European-style houses, cobbled streets and majestic buildings stand out, such as the Concha Palace and the House of the Poet Vicente Huidobro.

A little history…

Its history begins between the years 1870 and 1876, derived from the fortune that Enrique Concha y Toro and José Díaz Gana managed to achieve during the economic boom that the country had at that time. By 1876, as a result of the economic crisis, Díaz Gana lost his fortune and the palace where the neighborhood stands today, passed into the hands of Concha y Toro.

It was not until 1922 that the widow of Concha y Toro decided to develop the farm and sell the sites on the farm. With this, the aristocrats arrived who gave the environment greater diversity and modernism with its different styles and mansions. That is how this medieval European-style neighborhood was born, which today is known as shell and bull. Today the old houses became museums, restaurants or hotels of great tourist attraction.

What to do in Concha y Toro?

It is an ideal neighborhood to walk and enjoy the gastronomic offer that surrounds the Plaza Libertad de Prensa, which has a beautiful water fountain in the center. In recent years, there has been an increase in international level restaurants, cafes and hostels, and this has resurfaced this typical place in Santiago as an unmissable tourist and heritage attraction.

The La Carrera theater, which was the first sound cinema in the country, is very interesting to visit, in addition to being a National Monument, the Concha Palace and the Walker Palace are also must-sees in this charming neighborhood.

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