Privacy Policy

Turistik values the privacy of its users and is committed to maintaining it and taking the necessary measures to protect it. This section is intended to inform users of the site (hereinafter and interchangeably “our website” either “Marketplace”), about the policy we follow in relation to the collection, protection, use and disclosure of personal information provided by our users and by third parties.

This privacy policy has been developed in compliance with the provisions established by Chilean Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Private Life and Protected Data. This policy may be modified at any time, for multiple reasons, such as, for example, the use of new information processing technologies, the changes that we may introduce on our website or our marketing systems, among others. However, every time we modify this policy, we will make it known in a timely and efficient manner so that users can always be informed of it.

Use of the website requires for its proper functioning the collection and storage of certain "Personal information" of its users. Indeed, this use supposes that the user provides us with data such as: his name, nationality, identity document number, email, telephone number, information about his credit card (type, number, expiration date and security code ), among others. However, in order to fully use our website, understanding by this not only to browse for information, but also to hire services and carry out multiple transactions, the data or "Personal information" of the user. Therefore, if the user chooses not to provide this information, it is possible that they will not be able to contract with or through us or access the services of Turistik and/or its suppliers and business partners. By accepting this privacy policy, the user expressly authorizes Turistik to obtain, use and treat the personal information provided when accessing, registering and/or using our services, either through, with the purpose of: carrying out the transactions that the user has initiated; offer you products and services; send you confirmation and updates on your purchases and/or reservations for services in general; ticket processing; respond to questions and comments; contacting the user for customer service purposes, conducting surveys, statistics or analysis on consumer habits or preferences, notifying them by email of special offers and products and services related to tours, experiences and other services that may be of interest to them. It should be noted that Turistik will treat the information and personal data that is transmitted to them by its users, as well as those that it receives from any of the entities affiliated or associated with Turistik and from independent third parties, under the conditions permitted by Law. The information obtained from through the latter means will be treated as "Personal information" according to the terms of the document and according to the legal parameters. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Turistik will not be responsible for the use made of said information by the entities from which it came.

By accepting this privacy policy, the user expressly and unequivocally authorizes Turistik so that it can transmit its "Personal information" relevant to suppliers and commercial partners of Turistik for the management of reservations and/or purchase requests, such as tickets, excursions or tours, experiences, both their own and those of third parties, that the user contracts through Likewise, the user expressly and unequivocally authorizes Turistik to transmit their Personal Information to the companies belonging to the Turistik group.

The protection of your privacy is one of our uncompromising values, which is why we have taken all the measures within our technological reach, in order to ensure your privacy. By accepting this privacy policy, our users authorize Turistik to obtain, use and store the information received from them, to the extent and under the conditions permitted by Law. Turistik may require its users to associate their account with any of the profiles of the Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) with which the user has. In the event that the user loses control of his account and therefore loses control of his personal information, Turistik will not be responsible for the transactions carried out on behalf of the user. In order to avoid risks, accidents and abuse by third parties, as a consequence of the loss of control of an account on a social network, Turistik recommends that all its users notify Turistik very quickly of the occurrence of this event by means of an email mail to [email protected] Customer service. We are aware that, even when we make our best efforts to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of the information that you provide through online communications, and therefore it will be your responsibility to disclose that information by those means. Indeed, by providing any information about your person through online communications, such as in bulletin boards or chat rooms, such information may eventually be collected and used by third parties without your consent.

Keep in mind that when a user accesses, we automatically receive information about you and your computer. For example, we receive information from cookies and web beacons regarding your browser and operating system.

The "cookies" They are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on your computer's hard drive when you browse a page or a specific Internet portal, which allow you to save a certain amount of data about your Internet activity. Cookies are used in order to know the interests, behavior and demographics of those who visit or are users of our Website and thus better understand their needs and interests and give them a better service or provide them with related information.

We will also use the information obtained through cookies to analyze the pages browsed by the visitor or user, the searches performed, improve our commercial and promotional initiatives, the Internet that has been visited, the links that have been seen, the IP address of your computer and from the website you closed before entering our website. Turistik uses the information collected mainly to improve your user experience and improve our service. At any time, you can choose not to receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser to reject cookies or to inform you before accepting them. Please note that refusing to accept a cookie will prevent the user from gaining access to many travel services and planning tools offered by this website. In order to facilitate transactions on our website, the user may opt for Turistik to save information about their credit cards. The web beacon They are images that can appear inserted in pages and websites and have a similar purpose to cookies. Additionally, they are used to measure user traffic patterns from one page to another in order to maximize the flow of traffic through the Web.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and in compliance with current legislation, the "Personal information" provided may be disclosed at the request of administrative and/or judicial authorities, in order to comply with legal procedures.

Turistik can send its users messages to confirm their registration, inform them of the status of their account or notify them of any modification of the Terms and Conditions or this Privacy Policy.

When users make transactions or register as such on this website, they may choose to receive promotional circulars, messages or email alerts about offers. Users may modify their choices at any time, through [email protected]. You will also be given in each email message we send you the opportunity to unsubscribe from receiving emails.

The place may have advertising or other content that establishes a link to third party sites or services. Notwithstanding that we have initially visited the linked sites, it is impossible for us to control all their content or the links that they offer, since many of them are permanently modified and have their own privacy policy. Therefore, we recommend that before providing any type of information to a linked site, check the privacy policy that it applies.

The entity in charge of the collection, storage and protection of the information provided by the Users is Turistik SA domiciled in Encomenderos 260, Office 11, Las Condes commune, Chile.