user regulation
Santiago Funicular



  1. The Santiago Funicular is a passenger transportation system for tourism purposes, operated
    by the concessionary company Trasportes Patrimoniales SA, by order of SERVIU
    Metropolitan. Within the transportation category it is considered medium-low
    capacity, it is safe, fast, it is considered a clean system since when working with a
    electric motor does not emit polluting gases into the environment.

  2. The Santiago Funicular is a means of tourist transport by cable where the capacity
    transporting people is distributed in 2 cars divided into 5 modules each
    capable of transporting 210 passengers per hour (for each direction).
  1. Access the service in quality and safety conditions at the established times.

  2. Not to be discriminated against for any reason, respecting their personality, human dignity and privacy.

  3. To receive at all times a humane, friendly, understanding and respectful treatment.

  4. To receive information (commercial, technical and health) in the most suitable and complete way for
    its understanding, by the responsible team.

  5. To be attended within an appropriate time based on your health condition and
    according to equity criteria. People with disabilities (physical, mental)
    they will have preferential attention and special logistical conditions for their entry and exit
    counting on total universal accessibility within the first quarter of 2021.

  6. Choose between the different means of payment, according to the rates and conditions.

  7. Validate the means of payment in the entry control mechanisms at the stations.

  8. Obtain adequate information for the efficient use of the system.

  9. Traveling with objects, light hand packages as long as they do not cause discomfort
    or dangers to the person or other users.

  10. Children in arms or with a height of less than 1 meter must be accompanied by their
    parents or older people.

  11. Submit requests, suggestions, complaints and claims specifically in books of
    claims that are available at ticket offices, since they are attended
    opportunely. You can also opt for digital platforms

  12. Be treated with respect by the staff of Funicular de Santiago. To that their claims,
    requests and requests for information on the provision of the service in the system are
    timely serviced.

  13. In case of incident or suspension of the service, the user can renounce to continue in the
    system and to be recognized for a trip or the return of your money.
  1. Be provided with a means of payment, purchased at points of sale authorized by
    Santiago Funicular. The means of payment are: cash, cards and everything related to
    electronic commerce in national currency.

  2. Pay the rates established by Funicular de Santiago according to sections, days of the week, and
    ages of the visitors, considering that children under two years of age have access
    released, and the child value price is up to 11 years, 11 months and 30 days.

  3. Visitors with some kind of disability will have totally free access to the
    Santiago funicular showing your disability credential at the ticket office, which is
    issued by the Civil Registry and Identification Service (SRCeI).

  4. Older adults who are over 60 years of age will be considered public,
    Presenting your identity card at ticket offices. When buying online, the sale will be with
    free options, however when entering any station an executive
    commercial will verify the information by requesting an identity card.

  5. Take care and preserve the good condition of the cars, stations, and in general all the goods
    that make up the Santiago Funicular.

  6. Respect the staff belonging to Funicular de Santiago, who are people
    specifically in charge within the facilities of maintaining order, ensuring the
    security of the transport service, good service, control strict compliance with the
    these regulations and other legal and complementary rules of operations,
    security, sales and regulations that govern this transportation service.

  7. Users must promptly inform the staff of Funicular de Santiago if they
    feel unhealthy or suffer from diseases or conditions which are
    affecting your experience or safety within the facilities, if necessary
    the visit can be rescheduled. Strollers for babies must be disassembled prior to entry
    to the cars, and it is considered as one more quota, without paying a ticket for it. identify routes
    evacuation to be used in case of emergency.

  8. Follow the instructions of the service personnel assigned to Funicular de Santiago.

  9. Do not adopt attitudes and positions that impair good service, alter or put in jeopardy
    risk to other users and/or system personnel.

  10. Inform of any anomaly presented within the system that may affect or put
    at risk to other users and/or system personnel.

  11. - Take care of and respect the cars, stations, all the infrastructure of the System, as well as the
    signaling and demarcations within them.

  12. Enter and get off the cars in an orderly and safe manner, only in places
    authorized and/or indicated by the personnel assigned to the system.

  13. Locate in the facilities, cars or vehicles of the System in the places indicated for
    this and without hindering the movement or free movement of other Users

  14. - Users who get out of the cars have priority over those who wish to
    get into them. The entrance, exit and colored zones are demarcated on the platforms
    yellow all the limits are demarcated.

  15. Make adequate use of the services and resources available to Funicular de Santiago for your
    comfort and safety, in the places designated for it.

  16. Respect and comply with the opening, closing and ticket sales hours of the Funicular system

  17. Transportes Patrimoniales SA (Funicular de Santiago) accepts the security measures and
    coexistence issued by the national and territorial authorities, during the performance of
    events in the area of influence of the system. Consequently, the user must abide by them.

  18. Respect and comply with the rules of use derived from this regulation
  1. Provide good treatment to users

  2. Transport System Users from their origin to their destination

  3. Comply with the operating, safety and user regulations, for the proper
    provision of the service.

  4. Keep the System in good condition for use by performing daily checks
    planned for the operation, periodic maintenance to the electromechanical system and infrastructure within the concession area.

  5. Try not to cause inconvenience to users during the execution of Works or
    maintenance in the system, adopting for it all the prevention measures

  6. Mark appropriately with the yellow line or safety strip, delimiting the area in which
    that the user must remain in the stations or stops, specifically in the
    platforms, until the moment of entering the cars.

  7. Count on all stations or stops, with public address equipment to transmit to the user
    timely and relevant information for the proper use of the service.

  8. Ensure that users are informed by the personnel designated by Funicular de
    Santiago on the characteristics of the provision of transport services in the system and
    of possible incidents.

  9. Submit updated information on operational services, summary of the regulation
    of the User, rates, map of the System and the opening and closing hours of the service

  10. Inform Users and the general public at entry or access control points
    to the station or stop, the special closing events of a station or set of
    stations or stops, due to suspension clearly justified and communicated by staff
    Santiago Funicular technician.

  11. Provide preferential treatment to users with reduced mobility or in a situation of
    disability. The user will inform the staff of Funicular de Santiago in the stations
    about his condition.

  12. Funicular de Santiago is not responsible for any loss of any type of objects
    forgotten inside cars or stations. Any item found in the
    facilities will be left in custody inside the Pio Nono ticket office.

  13. Funicular staff may cancel and/or withdraw the ticket at any time and place in
    case of use contrary to morality and good customs or if at his sole discretion the user incurs
    in risky behaviors, including those that endanger their own physical integrity
    and of and other people.

  14. - In case of an evacuation, it will be carried out with application of the protocol of
    security. The passenger must be attentive and follow the instructions of our Managers
    and staff of the Complex.
  1. Throwing rubbish, bottles, solid or liquid waste and, in general, objects that represent
    danger or cause damage to users, cars, stations, bathrooms and infrastructure

  2. Get on the cars more than 35 people, regardless of their age or weight or physical condition or
    mental health, which includes people with disabilities and/or reduced mobility.

  3. Running on stairs, platforms or accesses or deliberately hindering the circulation of the

  4. Introduce dirty, bulky and/or smelly objects.

  5. Enter the areas designated for the exclusive use of officials.

  6. Transit and enter to transport: skates, skateboards, skateboards, bicycles or similar.

  7. Get on cars without disarming baby carriages.

  8. Obstruct the operation of equipment or prevent in any way the closure of the
    car doors or try to open them, to do so, the person will be civilly liable and
    criminally from the consequences of his negligence.

  9. Writing, scratching, painting, posting posters or dirtying in any way the floors, walls,
    carts, chairs and facilities in general.

  10. Lean part of the body or any object out of the cars, even when they are stopped, except for the fact of leaving the respective car on the platform of

  11. Acting aggressively in such a way as to endanger physical integrity and/or cause physical, material or verbal inconvenience towards other passengers and the staff of Funicular Santiago.

  12. Make sudden movements inside the cars.

  13. - Introduce weapons of any kind, explosives, flammable, toxic and/or elements
    potentially capable of causing damage to the physical or moral integrity of users.
    They will be exempt from this personal prohibition of armed forces and order.

  14. Distribute publicity, request signatures of petitions, collect money, promote harangues of
    political and religious order in the cars, stations and facilities of the Funicular in general.

  15. - Produce noise with horns, whistles or any other fixed or mobile source of emission

  16. Use radios, speakers, recorders, cell phones, tablets and the like at high volume. I only know
    authorizes its use with headphones at a volume that allows the user to hear
    information emitted by the loudspeakers of the stations or the verbal instructions in
    the cars.

  17. Entering the facilities while drunk, under the influence of illegal drugs or narcotics.

  18. Consume and/or ingest intoxicating drinks and/or psychotropic substances within the Funicular facilities.

  19. Consuming any kind of food and drinks in the cars.

  20. Smoking in any sector of the Funicular de Santiago facilities

  21. Improper use of emergency mechanisms

  22. Sitting on the floors of the stations, stairs and cars.

  23. - Carry out preaching, street sales, artistic and/or cultural interventions in exchange for
    money or other form of compensation.

  24. - Practice the illegal sale of tickets, cards and/or the various benefits of
    Santiago Funicular.

  25. Carry out raffles, post notices, posters or carry out publicity promotions and presentations
    without the prior authorization of Funicular de Santiago.

  26. Play games or sports in the areas designated for the operation.

  27. Use electronic means that interfere with the operation of the equipment and the
    internal system communications.

  28. Animals may be transported only in case of: Accompaniment of personnel with
    disability (guide dogs), emotional accompaniment (a card will be required to
    check signed by the competent authority) and dogs belonging to police officers of
    Chili. In all cases, the transfer of animals must be accompanied by a harness or leash.
    and muzzle if deemed necessary.

  29. The adulteration and/or falsification of the ticket is prohibited. In case of verifying such
    attitude, Funicular de Santiago has the right to withdraw the ticket immediately
    losing the user all the rights that he possessed and will bring with it by full right,
    without the need for interpellation or any notification and without the right to claim, the resolution
    of the passage contract. Timely notice will also be given to the competent authority.

  30. The ascent with "DRONS" (unmanned flight devices) is not allowed. Owner
    You must request prior authorization for its use in the vicinity of the means of elevation and you must also carry the permits of the corresponding aeronautical authority.

  31. Due to a health contingency, the use of masks in boarding lanes and inside cars is mandatory.
  1. Violations constitute all those conducts prohibited in this Regulation of
    Funicular de Santiago, and other applicable rules and conditions.

  2. Likewise, both the incorrect use of the means of payment of
    transport in the System, falsification, adulteration, resale, subtraction or theft of the
    themselves, which will be sanctioned in accordance with the Law.

  3. The sanctions provided for in this Regulation will be applied by the concessionary company
    of the Santiago Funicular or the official to whom this function is delegated and the authorities

  4. The procedure for the imposition of sanctions shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Code of
    Administrative Procedure or other legal provisions that are applicable.

  5. The applicable sanctions are: withdrawal from the facilities, reprimand, suspension or
    cancellation of permits or authorization for the use of goods or services, issued
    by the competent authorities of the concession.

  6. Users who enter the paid area without registering a valid means of payment will be immediately removed from the System.

  7. Anyone who violates the rules and is removed from the System will not be entitled to recognition of the trip.