Quinchamali Art

Unique and original clay crafts made by hand by artisans from the south of Chile.

Quinchamalí Pottery is the name given to the crafts produced in the towns of Quinchamalí and Santa Cruz de Cuca, in the province of Diguillín in the Ñuble region. It is characterized by its black color and white ethnic figures, applied to vases, plates, pots and ornaments.

A little history…

Its origin dates from the time of pre-Hispanic Chile, where Mapuche and Pehuenche peoples began to create pieces for utilitarian purposes, which later gave way to the commercialization of its products at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a craft inherited from an indigenous tradition, where they make pieces of an ornamental and utilitarian nature.

These beautiful and delicate pieces of pottery have a characteristic black color, which is the product of direct burning and smoking on the fuel base of guano or straw, and decorated with white figures.

Where to buy Quinchamali Pottery?This type of pottery has a strong cultural load, that is why it is very common to see it in museums and art exhibitions. In Santiago you can get it by buying in stores specializing in handmade crafts such as Chilean handicrafts Y Chili by Hand.


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