Terms and Conditions

Access and use of the website Turistik.com is governed by the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, interchangeably, "Terms and Conditions") described below, as well as by the legislation in force in the Republic of Chile. Consequently, all visits and all contracts and transactions carried out on this site, as well as their legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to that legislation. These General Terms and Conditions will be applicable to each and every one of the consumers who have contracted and contract our services.
By reading and knowing these terms and conditions, you will be able to make better use of the website and properly exercise your consumer rights. Therefore, we suggest you read these terms and conditions in detail, print them and keep a printed copy of them.

It is stated that these general terms and conditions have been protocolized with dated xx of xxx of 2022, at the Notary of Mr. R. Alfredo Martin Illanes, located at Santa Magdalena 98 Providencia, Santiago, Chile, and begin to apply as of said date.

Likewise, these General Terms and Conditions may not vary except by virtue of a new protocolization of new terms and conditions, which will be in force from the date on which they are published in a clear and visible manner on the website turistik.com, by notice that publishes the new terms and conditions and the date of the same.
Turistik SA (hereinafter “Touristik”), RUT XX.XXX.XXX-X, is a XXXXX company, a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Chile. We are located at calle XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX, Santiago, Chile, and you can contact us by email at XXXXXXXXX. Our legal representative is Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXX.
We are a Tour Operator that offers leisure and recreation experiences, through the internet, fulfilling the role of intermediary in the contracting of our own leisure services and those of other providers of tourist and entertainment services. It is recorded that the user of the Turistik.com site understands and accepts, by accepting these terms and conditions, that Turistik directly and indirectly offers services or products operated by Turistik or contracted through its intermediation, being the service provider companies tourism and/or entertainment and/or its network of partners, who provide the product and/or provide the contracted service in the event that the purchase is mediated by Turistik SA
The products and services offered on Turistik.com are shown at the time of their existence, that is to say with online availability, since it refers to the sample of an updated inventory at the time of the sample of availability and prices. However, Turistik does not guarantee that at the time of booking and/or purchasing that price is valid.
All our services are delivered through the Turistik.com website, so the purchase and reservation processes, validation and confirmation, are carried out online. Therefore, it is essential that the user have a valid and enabled email account in which to receive the information sent by Turistik SA Turistik will not be responsible for possible errors in the indication of the user's email or if his account does not properly receives the emails sent by Turistik.
The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions will be a necessary requirement for the acquisition and/or reservation of products and services offered on this site, which will be understood as known and accepted by the user when the "accept" option indicated in the box created is selected. for this purpose, and whose selection will be a prerequisite of the site for the reservation and/or purchase of any product or service. Turistik will not process reservations and/or purchases without the user previously stating that they know and accept the Terms and Conditions of the website and of the particular product or service that they contract, expressly stating their agreement with said Terms and Conditions.
The user, to be able to contract the different services that Turistik offers through its Turistik.com site, such as tourist services, packages, tickets, sale of tickets for shows, among others, as well as to receive newsletters with information about offers , you must register as such, using a unique username and an associated password that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access. The user will have the possibility of changing the password, for which he must be subject to the procedure established on the Turistik.com site.

Turistik will ensure the maintenance of the confidentiality of the user's password, which will allow him to make purchases, request services and obtain information. Said key is for personal use and its delivery to third parties without the prior authorization of Turistik will not involve responsibility for the latter.

The user at the time of registration must declare that all the information provided is true, complete and accurate and that in accordance with Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Private Life or Protection of Private Data.

The person who registers expressly authorizes Turistik.com to proceed to include in an automated file the personal data that appear in the fields of the form as they are necessary for the proper provision of their services, such as: reservations of tourist services , tickets for shows and tables in restaurants and develop services related to the marketing of said services, as well as for:

(a) Verify credit cards and other types of payment cards.
(b) Perform statistical analysis.
(c) Comply with the accounting, billing and auditing requirements of catch it.cl.

Turistik is responsible for keeping the data provided by the user confidential for the purposes of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided for in the Law.

Likewise, when registering, the user expressly authorizes the communication of said data to third parties consisting exclusively of the service providers associated with Turistik, only when said communication is necessary for the adequate provision of the services that are contracted, respecting at all times the legislation in force.

The user gives their express consent to receive electronic communications with advertising and commercial news from Turistik.com and the products or services that it markets or promotes in accordance with our Privacy Policy. To review our Privacy Policy, enter the following link:
The user will enjoy the rights recognized by the legislation on consumer protection in force in the territory of Chile, in the terms established in Law No. 19,496, and in accordance with what is indicated in these Terms and Conditions.
In the contracts offered through this site, the consent will only be understood as formed when the user has previously had clear, understandable and unequivocal access to the general conditions of the same and the possibility of storing or printing it. To comply with the above, Turistik will inform the user on its website, in an unequivocal and easily accessible manner, of the steps that must be followed to contract each service and will inform about the general contractual terms and conditions of each one in particular.

It is expressly stated that the mere visit of the Turistik.com website does not impose any obligation on the user, unless they have unequivocally and expressly accepted the conditions offered by Turistik.

Once the contract has been perfected, Turistik will send the user written confirmation of the particular terms of the contract. This may be sent electronically or by any means of communication that guarantees the due and timely knowledge of the user, which will be previously indicated. Said confirmation will contain a complete, clear and legible copy of the conditions of the contracted service.
The products and services offered, unless a different form is indicated for particular cases, can only be paid with Visa, MasterCard, Magna, American Express and Dinners Club bank cards issued both in Chile and abroad, provided that the issuing entity maintains a valid contract for such purposes with Turistik or any of its related companies.

When the user enters his account or card data and accepts the operation, he authorizes the charge for price and/or rate, and the payment of the Turistik service charge.

The use of the previously single cards will be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and in relation to their issuer, to what is agreed in the respective Opening Contracts and Use Regulations of the issuing entity. In case of contradiction, what is expressed in these last two instruments (Opening Contracts and Use Regulations) will prevail.

If the user makes a purchase in installments using a credit card, the interest, taxes, commissions or other charges that purchases in installments using credit cards could generate, will depend on the conditions that the user has agreed with the issuer of the card. card. We recommend that you find out about the conditions of use and interest rates of your credit card before using the installment purchase method.

Cards issued abroad do not accept payment in installments.

In the case of bank cards accepted on this site, aspects related to it, such as the date of issue; expiration, quota, blocks, etc., will be governed by the respective Opening Contract and Use Regulations.

In the event of any error or inconsistency experienced by the user in the transactions carried out with the aforementioned means of payment, for reasons attributable to Transbank or the issuing companies, Turistik will not assume any responsibility, without prejudice to collaborating with the user, within the scope of its competence. , in the procedures and claims that it directs before the responsible entities.
Turistik offers users who access its website a platform to search for promotions that follow each other to the extent that there is availability from the different providers so that the user can purchase products and services in more favorable conditions. cheaper than those usually offered in traditional sales channels.

Regarding the rates published in the system, these correspond to findings by the users themselves, which once exhausted are replaced by new offers and so on. It is for this reason that next to the rates it is indicated if it corresponds to the last transaction or sale.

In addition, and in order not to generate false expectations for the user, it is reported that the published rates are those that are available online at the time of the search, which cease to be valid once purchased by a user, therefore they vary constantly. In addition, it is indicated that they are subject to availability of quotas from the different providers and that these are for a limited time.

Once the transaction has been carried out through compliance by the user with each and every one of the purchase steps, Turistik will send a confirmation of their purchase or reservation request to the user's email, and the validation and conclusion process will begin. of the user request.

To specify the above, Turistik must previously:

i) Validate and accept the means of payment offered by the user; and, ii) Confirm that the data registered by the user on the site coincide with those provided when accepting the offer. If any of these efforts fail, the reservation and/or purchase request will not be completed.

If the validation and conclusion process is successful, Turistik will send a ticket for the reservation services to the user's email address, as well as the vouchers or tickets from the different service providers.

Additionally, and with the purpose of informing the user about the validation of the transaction, Turistik will send a confirmation of the completion of the purchase and/or reservation process, to the email provided by the user (or by any means of communication that guarantees the due and timely knowledge of the consumer, in case there are problems that prevent sending the email).

Said confirmation must contain a complete, clear and legible copy of the contract corresponding to the product purchased and/or the contracted service.
The prices of the products and services available on the Turistik site will only have temporary, limited and brief validity and application while they appear published on it and will not necessarily be applicable to other sales channels that Turistik could use, such as catalogs or others.
Turistik informs that by virtue of the provisions of article 3 bis letter b) of Law No. 19,496 on Consumer Protection, in purchases made through us the right of withdrawal DOES NOT operate, so the user will not be able to terminate unilaterally to the contracting of the product and/or service entered into with Turistik.
All content, brands, logos, drawings, etc. that appear in Turistik, are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights that are expressly reserved for Turistik, its related companies or, where appropriate, by the persons or companies that appear as authors or rights holders. The violation of the above rights will be prosecuted in accordance with current legislation.

Therefore, the reproduction, exploitation, alteration, distribution or public communication by any title or means of all the contents on the Turistik website for uses other than legitimate information or contracting by users of the services offered is prohibited. In any case, the prior written consent of Turistik will be necessary.
We know that as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, plans change. For this reason, we want you to know the options available if your experience, ticket or package changes involuntarily or also for cases in which you need to voluntarily postpone your trip.

The following points apply for confirmed reservations in Turistik.

A.- My tour, package or experience was cancelled.

1.-Choose a new date
You can make a change at no cost to the same Tour, package or original experience, according to the following:
Reschedule up to 12 months from the original date, by contacting our Contact Center.
2.- Request a refund and this will be made as a credit to the card you used at the time of making the payment. In the case of cash payments, this refund will be made in person at one of our infocenters.

B.- If you need to change your tour, package or experience because you were diagnosed with Covid 19, contact us and we will assist you. You will be able to manage your alternatives before the date of your tour, package or experience, so that you can calmly choose the option that best suits you.

You can change the date of your tour, package or experience without incurring additional expenses and subject to a rate difference, if any. You can take the tour, package or experience within its effective date.

Consider that you must present one of the following documents, with a date that demonstrates the impossibility of carrying out the tour, package or original experience:

Positive COVID test (molecular or antigen), or simple statement of close contact or document from the local health authority.
To make any claim for acts or contracts executed or entered into through Turistik.com, Turistik will follow the following procedure:

(a) The user must send their presentation or claim to the email [email protected] We recommend that, together with your email, you send all the background information that supports your claim and include a narrative of what happened, indicating in clear and precise terms the expected solution, in order to give a response as quickly as possible.

(b) Turistik will review the claim, and the first response will be sent to the same email as the claim, within 48 hours of receipt of the information. If an additional term is required, the user will be informed of this.