Bicentennial Park

Large green areas surrounded by native trees that contrast with one of the most modern areas of the city.

It is one of the largest and most visited parks in the eastern area of Santiago, it has an area of 27 hectares and extends along the southern bank of the Mapocho River. In it you can enjoy sports, gastronomic, cultural activities and one of the best postcards that our city has mixing nature, architecture, and works of art.

A little history…

The design of the park was in charge of the architect and landscape architect Teodoro Fernández Larrañaga, National Architecture Award winner in 2014. The first stage was delivered in December 2007 and the second, in November 2011. This space was previously known as Parque de the Americas until in 1998, the Municipality of Vitacura called a public tender to establish a strategic plan that would order the landscape and urban development of the area.

Today this park is part of the system of green areas that extends continuously along the southern bank of the Mapocho River.

What to see in the Bicentennial Park?

One of its main attractions is the northern lagoon, where black-necked swans, flamingos, coots, herons and trils coexist, along with hundreds of fish that give life to the fauna of the park.

This place has a total of two lagoons, beautiful trails for walking or biking surrounded by almost 4,000 trees, of which more than 1,300 are native species. It also has an amphitheater where plays, musicals and other shows are presented daily.

If you are interested in architecture, you cannot stop seeing the work entitled "The Search", by the artist Hernán Puelma, which is 20 meters high, weighs 20 tons and was built on the basis of iron and fiberglass. By the access of Alonso de Córdova there are also the monuments to Arturo Prat and Bernardo O'Higgins.

Inside the park you can have a picnic in the green areas or also enjoy the nearby cafeterias or the Mestizo restaurant, located in the northeast corner.

If you take our Hop On Hop Off tourist bus, you can get off at the Parque Bicentenario stop on the Santiago Oriente route and thus enjoy a nice day in the park.

Web page: 

Schedules: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Entry: Free.

Address: Bicentennial 3236, Vitacura.


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