copper vessels

Chile is one of the main copper exporters in the world and it is very common for copper accessories, jewelry or ornaments to be sold.

On this occasion, we show you the famous copper glasses, widely used today to make the "Moscow Mule" cocktail.

Why are these glasses used? Mixology purists say that this metal better maintains the cold of the drink and even adds nuances to the individual flavors of its ingredients, especially when the vodka oxidizes the walls of the cup.

A little history…

At the beginning of the 20th century, Chile discovered that it had copper deposits, just when the world demand for this mineral was experiencing an increase. Today Chile is the largest producer and exporter of copper in the world and our history has been marked by mining. That is why it is so common to see souvenirs made from this raw material, such as the copper glasses to make the Moscow Mule, a cocktail that was born in the 40s, but which has recently become a trend.

Where to buy copper glasses?

There are various shops and craft fairs where you can find them. Here we leave you some recommendations of national enterprises: Wayu (, Created in Chile ( and Republic of Copper (

The prices are from $15,000 Chilean pesos (19 dollars) the pair of cups 


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