Sahne Nuss

Sweet milk chocolate with whole almonds, for many, the best candy in the country.

Its simplicity, but exquisite flavor have made it one of the most famous in Chile, you can find it in different formats and for all tastes.

This delicious chocolate is ideal to take as a souvenir and even Chileans living abroad ask for it when visiting, since you can't find it in another part of the world.

A little history…

Almost 100 years of history has this chocolate invented by Jorge Hucke and his nephew Carlos, who in 1924 launched one of the sweetest and most exquisite ideas of the Hucke House, based on European chocolates. It immediately became a symbol of Chilean sweets with its classic squirrel, which they called “Hucke”, which has accompanied us on the packaging for years.

The success of this chocolate has been so great that to this day it is still consumed and you can also find variations such as bitter, air, sugar-free and even Shane Nuss ice cream.

Where to buy Shane Nus?

In any corner of Chile! You will find it from the smallest kiosk to the largest supermarket. It is also present at the airport.

Prices range from $600 Chilean pesos (0.6 dollars) for an individual 30 gr bar and $3,400 Chilean pesos (4.30 dollars) for a large 250 gr bar.


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