During the summer, it becomes one of the Chileans' favorite foods. If you come at this time of the year, you have to try it!

La Humita is a food based on corn or corn, an ingredient that is widely consumed in the Andean zone, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. It consists of a corn-based paste, seasoned with onion and basil, which is wrapped in the corn leaves themselves. In Chile it is very common to accompany it with Chilean salad (tomato and onion). Its simplicity and easy preparation has made this way of cooking corn pass down through Chilean generations.

A little history…

The humita is a gastronomic inheritance of the ancestors of the American continent that date from the pre-Columbian era, before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Its name comes from the Quechua language Humint'a. Variations of the humita can be found throughout Latin America, and each country has its own version of this dish that resembles the tamales of Mexico.

Chilean humitas are quite basic in their preparation and flavor, which is why it is very common to accompany them with pebre, a Chilean salad, and many also prefer to give it more sweetness by adding sugar.

Where to eat the best humita?

The humita is a typical summer meal, the season in which corn is produced and families and restaurants take the opportunity to cook this delicacy.

Here are two places for you to try the best in the area:

Chilean entertainment: This restaurant located at the foot of the San Cristóbal hill has all kinds of Chilean food, standing out for its humitas and corn cake. It is a perfect panorama to eat before or after a ride on the Cable Car. His direction is Av. El Cerro 722, Providencia.

Where La Tita: This picturesque place located in Vega Chica has one of the best humitas in Santiago. you find it in Artisans 721, Recoleta, next to the Patronato neighborhood.


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