Pomaire clay

If you are looking for a handmade souvenir by Chilean artisans, you have to visit Pomaire and take a souvenir with you.

Bowls, flowerpots, wells and the classic pig-shaped piggy banks are some of the clay handicrafts that you can find in the town of Pomaire.

A little history…

Pomaire is a small town of pottery artisans, which belongs to the Melipilla commune, 50 kilometers west of Santiago. Its main attraction are the pottery workshops that are found throughout the town where different clay handicrafts are sold and there are also small Chilean restaurants, where they offer traditional dishes such as casserole, humitas and pine empanada.

Where to buy clay crafts?

The best option to have a complete experience is to visit Pomaire, explore its streets, buy a souvenir and have lunch in a snack. The journey by car takes approximately 1 hour. If you cannot travel, there is always the option to buy in Santiago and here are some recommendations to acquire these beautiful handmade crafts: Chilean handicrafts Y Chili by Hand.

Location Pomaire: See reference here


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